Get O.F.F.

very close up of face looking away green

Over Forty & Fabulous.

The Get O.F.F BLOG is an extension of www.seeSAW.life and See SAW is  me!

Shonda A. Wilson; author, publisher, producer, wife, mom, friend, daughter, sister, hardworker, fashionista (in my own eyes) and overly opinionated ‘GROWN WOMAN‘ who enjoys writing. Viola we have blog…Lift OFF!!!

The Getoffblog is the place where I get to bare my soul, expose my guts, talk, laugh, vent, cuss, fuss, disclose and discuss all things that have HELPed me… get where I am today…that is…Over Forty and…Fabulous!

Fabulous is a mindset. It’s enduring life’s hurdles, the unexpected obstacles, the joys, and the pains; learning from them, growing through them and keeping your head up, and your heart lifted throughout.  I hope to share those insights here.

Like a seesaw, Life has it’s up and down’s. It’s how you handle them that matter.  Let’s talk about it.



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