Get OFF…the chain – Shout out to “Kim Coles”

So I saw a comedy show recently. Kim Coles – OFF THE CHAIN.. on the Bounce network.I’m sure they will show it several times so set your DVR to record it.

kim coles

First off, my 20 something self reminisced so hard about loving FOX primetime in the ’90’s. Living Single and Martin. AWEsome shows.

But anywho sistagirl “Sinclair” is 52! Whattttt?????!!! And looking damn good too. Her show was hilarious! I am paraphrasing directly from her set, I am in no way trying to take credit for this, so once I get a bit more techie (or some help!) I will post a link to the precise bit I’m about to quote but until then..

old school version of live clips…SHE said (and I quote! haaaaa)

when you’re in your 20’s you don’t know nothing, and that’s okay because you don’t know that you DON’T know. You are out having a ball, doing it all, and that’s okay. In your 30’s, you now know that you didn’t know anything in your 20’s and your like what the hell was I thinking and that’s okay. BUT in your 40’s, YOU KNOW that you know, and YOUR TELLING EVERYONE  you know, that you know!

She then proceeded to show the difference by asking a woman in the audience who was in her 40’s for her bag, and it was a frikkin satchel, and a woman in her 20’s for her purse and it was a clutch!

Awesome visual.  I loved her whole show but my takeaway was…yeah in our 40’s we got huge baggage (haaaaaaaa) but it’s full of stuff that we can share, stuff to get us through our day and honestly, most of it is valuable life lessons to get us through the rest of our life. AND WE AINT AFRAID TO LET EVERYBODY KNOW…what we know.

Don’t be afraid to share your life lessons lady, your trials, your joy’s, your struggle’s and your triumph’s.  That big bag you lugging around would get a lot lighter if you JOYFULLY shared it’s contents.

(ohh that was deep even for me.) GET O.F.F.



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