Get…EXCITED…It’s a New YEAR!

Okay, so I have veered off from the GET OFF theme, but I’m quickly seeing that that’s probably going to limit me. Pigeon-hole me, stifle my creativity darn it! So let me do as I see fit! (Who am I arguing with?) Over 40 symptom..loosing it? Ha. Arguing with imaginary critics? I’m over 40 dangit, screw all the people who don’t agree with me. I’m flipping all my imaginary critics the bird!

And we’re moving….(away from that tangent!)

So folks brief and to the point- after all that initial rambling, but I digress- IS (dun, dun, DUNNN) IT’S A NEW YEAR. DO YOU! Get excited, get a goal and get after it. (I’m still liking “get” aren’t I?).

Get over yourself, your fears, your doubts and get excited about something!

No clue what to do? Here I’ll give you a few suggestions.

Get the help you need.

Get a therapist.

Get a gym membership.

Get a trainer.

INVEST IN YOU…and Get a better LIFE. Starting NOW!Inspiration

That is all.


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