GET O.F.F…of the hampster wheel of life

Hello world (or the two people who will read this blog because they are my friends and I will inundate their inboxes with my posts) I have been watching all these inspirational, self-help, you can do it, you can be more, have more, live better, coaching podcasts and one thing that they ALLLL consistently reiterate is “START YOUR OWN BLOG“.. So here I am.

Actually, this isn’t my first blog. It’s like my third. I have an author page that I let slowly bleed out and die a whimpering slow death and I had (past tense) a soap opera blog, because I grew up on soaps and was briefly enthralled with General Hospital. Turns out I was merely entertained and frustrated by the show, not obsessed with the serial drama as the other bloggers that I frequented, so it languished in obscurity for a few years before I abandoned it as well.

What’s different about this blog you ask? Those blogs were about an interest and or projects I was attempting to pursue. This blog is about ME! YEP, all me, my thoughts, my fears, me raging, me running, me attempting to fly, me soaring, me falling, me hurting, me picking myself back up off the ground, me dusting myself off and getting back up again, and me never giving up.

When I hit 40, I felt like whew I can’t believe I made it. My mother died a horrific death at the early age of 26 – I think a hidden fear hounded me for years about dying early-but  that will be a later post. I’m 44 now, and I have an ever present pressure, burning in my gut to do more, be more, have more, live life to the fullest. It’s like I hit the halfway mark and thought oh crap I’m almost out of time better get ‘er done NOW. So this is me. Over 40 and FABULOUS and getting off the hampster wheel of life.

Let’s rock this ya’ll!


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